Here’s what some folks have to say about working with Rosemary:

“Sometimes screenwriter/directors get too close to their own screenplays to see the pitfalls. I hired Rosemary to review and evaluate my screenplay and the result was incredibly insightful, truthful, and spot-on notes that I have incorporated into my re-write.  You always want to put your best foot forward before you go out to producers and talent.  I feel very confident that we will be able to do that now.  We already have interest in the project!  Rosemary did a super job!”
–Andy Gallerani, Feature Film and Commercial Director and Screenwriter, RebelRobot Films.

“I am so glad I hired Rosemary to edit and prepare my book for publication.  It was truly a pleasurable experience.  She gave sound editorial advice, asked probing questions, and suggested changes that made the overall content and voice stronger.  I could tell from our initial conversation that she had a genuine interest in my project (which involved art, spirituality, and sustainability issues), and that she would put her heart into the work.  Rosemary was quick in responding to my emails and getting the work done, often sending back files in just a day or two turn-around-time.  I would hire her again!” --Michelina Docimo, Green Sustainability Expert and Author of Echoes:  Listening to the Voices in Spirited Trees.

“Having my memoir written has been an exciting and enjoyable experience. Rosemary did an excellent job extracting from me old experiences and stories I had not thought of for years, and then writing, researching and shaping it all into a very engaging and creative piece.” –Leonard Polaner, retired CEO of Polaner, Inc., the highly successful jams and jellies company and Author of Tout Est Possible.

Honest, professional, and easy to work with  is how I would describe Rosemary. Though I had written in other genres before, I had never written a science fiction novel and decided to give it a shot.  I hired Rosemary to give me a manuscript evaluation and editorial review.  During the process, Rosemary uncovered some serious flaws and made valuable and spot on suggestions on how to improve it, while also pointing what was effectively working so I could clearly see the distinction.  Rosemary’s honest review inspired me to keep going.  I have subsequently undertaken the challenge to improve my novel by incorporating Rosemary’s suggestions.  I look forward to working with her again. ” — Lawrence T. Burgio, Author, The Dwarf King.

“Without Rosemary, my novel Forecast wouldn’t even exist.  I pitched it to her, and she saw potential in my original manuscript, championing  it from that point to publication. Her advice and editorial notes were invaluable. Her enthusiasm for Forecast motivated me to keep going, keep improving, keep polishing, and to keep writing. What began as a good (if somewhat unstructured) idea, is now a published novel and optioned screenplay. I have no hesitation in recommending Rosemary. It is an absolute gift to be able to trust someone as much as I trusted her during the creative process.”  –Jane Tara, Playwright, Screenwriter, and Author of Forecast. 

“Preparing a book a proposal for our finance book seemed both daunting and time consuming.  Hiring Rosemary to do it made it simple and enjoyable.  She was able to take  an enormous amount of background material that was filled with financial jargon and distill it into a creative, well-written proposal.  Her research skills are thorough and innovative, always coming up with new information to include and present in a fresh way.  Rosemary was able to really capture the essence of our personalities and financial business, and translate them into a winning proposal.  I highly recommend her for your writing projects.”  — Michelle Smith, CEO, Source Financial Advisors.

“In my business of advertising and television production, where deadlines are tight and attention spans short, you need to be able to get your message out quickly and effectively. I know I can count on Rosemary to deliver, and far out reach our expectations.  I can have just one conversation with her about what is required, and she translates what I want into effective, engaging and even humorous writing.  She is quick on turn around time without comprising quality, very creative and a pleasure to work with!”  –David Kerwin, Executive Producer, Konk Inc.

“I was in the process of creating an inspirational gift book, and hired Rosemary for her editorial services.  She worked with me to tame the “wild beast,” as I liked to call it, into a flowing and cohesive read.  She instinctively knew how to get to the heart of the material, while eloquently elevating it, and remaining true to my voice.

She also worked on all the project’s supporting materials–synopsis, outline, cover letter, and bio–to ensure they were polished and professional.  While offering creative solutions, I found her to always be supportive, encouraging and respectful, which made the process a pleasure.  Her optimistic energy always managed to lift my spirits–a great  additional perk!”
Jenny Vanisi, Artist/Educator/Illustrator, and
Author of Embracing Your Life

“SSI needed a new way to communicate with its employees about our company polices.  We decided on a complete overhaul of our employee guidebook.  How do you keep important legal information in the guidebook,  and make it so your employees actually want to read it? It occurred to me that by thinking out of the box, and bringing in a seasoned, creative writer, we might actually end up with something that was not only innovative, but that our employees would actually enjoy.

Based on her winning track record as a creative writer, plus her extensive experience working with corporate clients in advertising, I hired Rosemary Serluca-Foster because I knew she would bring in creativity, fresh ideas and a positive attitude to accomplish the task.  The result is an appealing read that our employees find  informative, inspirational and entertaining. I believe we’ve started a new trend in effective employee communication”.--Mark Hardy, Managing Director Americas & Chief Strategy Officer, Survey Sampling International.

“Our website needed a complete overhaul: re-design and re-write. In fact, our old website barely had any writing at all. We met with Rosemary Serluca and Foster Solutions.  Not only did they work with us on an affordable budget, but they really listened to what we wanted to accomplish, and delivered it.  I felt as if Rosemary took my ideas and words and transformed them into an amazing story, without ever losing the sense of who we are as a company. I highly recommend her and her company.”
–Joe Wells, Owner, J&R Entertainment.

“I manage La Casa Giulia, a charming country house in Umbria, Italy. In the past year I sought out  Rosemary’s counsel in introducing our property and business to the United States. In a short amount of time, Rosemary, and web development company Foster Solutions, designed an elegant site and wrote text in English, perfectly translated from the Italian  information I provided.  In addition, their comprehensive insertion of key words has been quite effective, as we have observed a substantial increase of inquiries from the American market. Thanks to Rosemary for her precise Italian to English translation skills, creative input, and positive attitude.”
–Maria Rita Corsi, Manager, La Casa Giulia Country House.

“Rosemary Serluca-Foster is a brilliant individual who will be an asset to any writing project.  Her creative background and intelligence are only surpassed by her diligence and commitment to the final goal.  She maintains the highest standards of ethical business practices.

I employed Rosemary to complete an extremely technical federal government contract. In a ten day turnaround time, Rosemary:  read and understand the requirements of a hundred page plus Request for Proposal; learned many aspects of NY real estate law and various regulations of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development; gained a comprehensive understanding of our business processes; and, compiled it all in to a professional and well written winning proposal.  Thanks to Rosemary, I have been awarded several millions of dollars in government contracts.  Did I mention that it was fun working with Rosemary as well?  Please feel free to contact me for any information regarding my work experience with Rosemary.”
–Janet  A. Paganelli, Esq.

“Rosemary has edited, written, and made invaluable suggestions to many of my creative projects, some of which include articles and web content writing. She is a delight to work with, always professional and has an uncanny ability to make everything better. Do yourself a big favor and hire her…you won’t regret it.” Barbara Biziou, Author and Life Coach.

“Having to present your self through words can be so overwhelming.  Nor do I have the time.  It was a great comfort to call on Rosemary to help me present myself with the just right words. I couldn’t be happier with results.

Rosemary understood my personality right away and knew how to incorporate it into text.  All I had to do is jot down some notes and ideas and send them off to her; it could not have been easier.  She came back to me with transformed, professional, and easy-to-read  business documents that are now a major part of my presentation material. I highly recommend that you hire her to help achieve the results you need to stand out. I’m thankful to have Rosemary as my writing resource.”
-–April Jaffe, Business Growth Consultant, Raise Your Game.