Business Copywriting and Correspondence

Corporate writing can be so……. corporate.

Why do companies have employee guidebooks that no one wants to read?  Because they are filled with rules, regulations, and stilted writing that can just be a downer for all concerned.  Though their importance and legal necessity can’t be disputed, there has to be a way to make these often lugubrious texts readable.

Rosemary Serluca has revolutionized business copywriting and the employee guidebook, thanks to Survey Sampling Inc., her progressive, international client.

SSI wanted to create an employee guidebook that was fun, engaging, and that employees would actually want to read, while still retaining the necessary and imperative legal information.  Rosemary solved their dilemma by creating a newly designed innovative guidebook.

The process involved utilizing a chapter book format, making the language more accessible and personable, incorporating inspirational quotes throughout, and creating appealing, short narratives that introduce the company’s policies and provisions.

Click here to see some opening chapters from the guidebook that makes it fresh, engaging, and even a bit humorous without losing integrity.

She can positively change the way you communicate with your employees, by giving your guidebook a positive change. Contact her for  business copywriting and correspondence services.