Grant Writing/Not-for-Profit

OK, maybe grant writing isn’t the first thing people think of when they want to hire a “creative writer.”  But writing a grant that will stand out from the pile, and likely get selected requires more than being knowledgeable in the specific area.

Client Janet A. Paganelli, PC, a law firm in White Plains, NY, came to Rosemary with  an RFP for a HUD grant, and an incredibly tight deadline.  Here is what Janet Paganelli, Esq. said of the experience:

“The first matter for which I employed Rosemary was an extremely technical, federal government contract.  In a ten day turnaround time, she read and understood the requirements of a hundred page plus Request for Proposal;  learned many aspects of NY real estate law and various regulations of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development; gained a comprehensive understanding of our business processes; and compiled it all into a professional and well written, winning proposal.  Thanks to her, I have been awarded several millions of dollars in government contracts.”

Rosemary partnered with Ms. Paganelli to write and edit another award-winning proposal for My Favorite Student and Virgina Commonwealth University.