Memoir, biography, family legacy, or company history.

Do you have an extraordinary life story or company history that merits a memoir or biography, but just don’t have the time or patience to do it?

Have you experienced compelling life events that you know would make a phenomenal book, but just can’t find a good writing partner to organize you and help you get it done?

You just have.

“Having my biography written by Rosemary was an exciting and enjoyable experience.  She did an excellent job of extracting from me old experiences and stories I had not thought of for years, and then writing, researching and shaping it all into a very engaging and creative piece.  I now have a wonderful legacy to leave my family and company.” –Leonard Polaner, retired CEO of Polaner, Inc., maker of jams, jellies and other products.”

Stress-free and enjoyable.

Whether it is a memoir, biography, family legacy, or company history, Rosemary works with you to help you realize your goal  by creating a stress-free and collaborative process.  She is a keen listener who easily captures your personal voice, style and energy, transforming them into engaging and high quality content.

Knows the business.

Her highly successful career working as an Executive Producer in Television, Video, Radio, and Web advertising for international ad agencies and production companies, whose clients include Fortune 500 companies, makes her the perfect fit to pen company histories.

More than an experienced writer…

She is a trained hospice care volunteer, who has a deep respect and sensitivity for seniors wanting to share and record their life stories, bringing them a sense of peace and closure.

Non-fiction books, memoirs, biographies, family legacies, company histories, feature articles, essays, memorials, eulogies, and web content.